Mind-Body Talk. What fears, concerns or worries do you have about certain health conditions or chronic ailments or pains?  Learn how to work through and dispel those worries.

Mind Body Alignment is essential in living a balanced life. This Mind-Body Talk delves into understanding the importance of the mind-body connection and creating this intimate relationship benefits you in all elements of your life.

This Mind-Body Talk delves into the importance of listening and enhancing your intuition, which will help you navigate your life with more ease.


Mind-Body Talk. Become mindful of how your thoughts and words affect your ability to heal and learn to create more ease in your life. What’s your story?

Workshop Gift of Woof Meow and Neigh, Infinite Body Awareness

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Gift-of-Woof-Flyer-Sept 2017

Please note: This event is a two half-day workshop that spans both dates below.

Saturday, September 30 from 2 to 6 pm
Sunday, October 1 from 10 am to 2 pm

This special workshop is designed to give you an understanding of how using your innate energy can be applied to your beloved pets.  You will learn how to connect with their energy and be able to help them work through health challenges when they arise.  You will be given guidance and a hands-on approach to help your pets connect with the “magic” of healing that resides in all of us.

Only 8 spaces will be available, so reserve your spot now.

This Mind-Body Talk delves into the importance of breath and learn some breathing techniques and strategies to embrace the life that you live or find ways to create the life that you desire.


Mind-Body Talk. An open forum to ask questions about the mind-body connection and connect with others who share the vision to become more empowered in their bodies and lives.  What’s your story?

infinite body awareness understanding the underlying causes of health conditions mind body talk

Understanding Underlying Causes of Health Conditions. This Mind-Body Talk delves into understanding how the mind and emotions impacts your health and overall quality of life.

infinite body awareness by Dr. Chad Sato mind-body talk feature photo of man looking up at night sky

Mind-Body Talk.  Increase your awareness of certain body signals in learning to become more empowered in your life.


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