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“The principle of Chiropractic is to help each person tap into their innate intelligence, access their own healing energy and facilitate their healing process.” – Dr. Chad

Aloha Chiropractic Network Care

Network Care is a holistic approach to wellness that provides immediate relief to stress and dis-ease and re-trains your body to develop new strategies for living and healing.The holistic view of Chiropractic is to work on the whole body versus dividing it up into different parts and treating symptoms.

The goal of Network Spinal analysis care is to re-establish the natural energetic flow of your nervous system and restore the body’s innate self-regulating and self-healing mechanisms. When our bodies re-learn their self-healing skills we gain lifetime benefits in physical, emotional, and spiritual health and quality of life.

3 Levels of Network Care

The 3 levels of care promote safety and gentle, permanent healing.  Our goal is to re-train your body to use and release tension as it arises.
The Levels of Care is a gentle progression starting with creating an awareness of the body, developing a communication between your mind and body, and ultimately opening the heart.

Level 1 Network Care

Level 1 focuses on re-connecting the body and mind.  We work with breath and moving the breath through the body to release stored tension and help dissipate tension as it arises.  We gain a better awareness of our daily experiences in our bodies and start to feel more comfortable in our bodies.

Through the course of Level 1 care you should notice a dramatic decrease in physical symptoms and an overall lessening of stress levels.

Level 2 Network Care

Level 2 takes healing to a deeper level, focusing on unwinding the stress and holding patterns we have developed over a lifetime.  In Level 2 Dr. Chad uses special techniques to help release these holding patterns and bring them into the space of safety that was established in Level 1.  Here they can be fully released through breathing and movement.

In Level 2 the practice member becomes an active member of the healing, as stressors are uncovered the practice member determines whether to leverage the tension that stressor brings up and release it or to let the stressor remain in the system until a better time for release.

Level 3 Network Care

In Level 3 we learn to realize that our bodies and mind are one which enables us to self-adjust and experience life truly in the present.

Level 3 seeks to teach us to trust our body’s processes.  As we gain a greater sense of the distinct rhythms of our bodies, our symptoms do not own us anymore – we own our symptoms.  We truly gain confidence in our body’s strategies to unwind and build up tension at any time.  This deeper connection to our body helps us understand our body’s messages so that we may respond appropriately.


Life Facilitator Program

You can work with me privately through my Life Facilitation program and address your healing process deeply in order to reach that next level of empowerment.

I will provide a non-judgmental, safe space for you if you are seeking a greater awareness of life, and want a deeper expression of your authenticity. My goal is to help you to live life more in the present and not be so bogged down by the past. I will help to hold you accountable for your own evolutionary journey and will create a personalized template for you so you can follow your own internal guidance and rhythm. I want to lead you on a personal journey towards self-acceptance, self-love and “being-ness.”

You can work with me as a stand-alone process or in conjunction with your current Aloha Chiropractic care.


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