You are a product of your past experiences.  Don’t let your past dictate how you choose to live your life today.  Your ability to make choices is a power available to you at all times.

Freedom of choice is not only an innate truth, but a power you possess that requires conscious awareness and being present.  When life throws curve balls and stresses mount, if you choose non-awareness, your old conditioned habits and behaviors take over.  To stay present is a never-ending practice that begins with the choice to be an active participant in your life versus sleep-walking.  Especially in these uncertain times with COVID-19, it becomes even more imperative for you to not allow outside influences to dictate the way you live your life.

The current state of affairs, with the governor and mayor extending the stay-at-home mandate, are truly pushing many to question this extension.  Some facts to ponder: as of May 2nd, the number of recoveries compared to the total amount of diagnosed cases is at 541 to 620 respectively, which is an 87% recovery rate, with total deaths at 16.  Another interesting statistic is the average number of deaths per month in Honolulu county ranges from the mid-600s to mid-700s from different health-related conditions.  Click here for the preliminary 2019 vital statistics, to see for yourself.
I don’t know about you, but I would be more fearful if the total deaths caused by COVID-19 matched or surpassed the monthly death rate, and if it was truly caused by COVID-19, versus the deceased’s health being compromised.  I am not downplaying the grief and sadness generated by the passing of a loved one, but attempting to provide a different perspective.

Yes, it is valid that a major outbreak would overwhelm our current healthcare system, but the fact that of all the people who have been diagnosed so far, show a promising recovery rate, versus an extreme mortality rate, should be considered.  Another consideration to note is that the common flu can start anytime in the fall season; peak in mid to late winter (December) and then extend into early spring (April/May).  It is my opinion that the coronavirus is here now and will stay.  Infections will fluctuate up and down, but the best news is that you can recover and once you get it you will be immune.  Boost your immune system by taking care of yourself, get adequate amounts of sleep, take zinc if you’re not allergic, take probiotics, receive chiropractic adjustments, know your truth, and don’t let outside influences infect you.

Remember you have the power to choose – the thoughts you entertain, people you want or don’t want in your life, the work that you do, and ultimately how you approach each day and each moment.  When in doubt, connect with your best friend – your body – and let your body’s signs guide you.  By establishing a great relationship with your body, you not only gain a trusted ally, but a friend that has been there for you everyday of your life.  Continue to breathe and choose to experience the memories that take your breath away.


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