Facing an uncertain future can create havoc and discord for many due to the control factor or rather, the perceived lack of. Not feeling in control is created by unexpected circumstances, but yet you truly are in control. The one thing you can control is how you choose to perceive what you are experiencing and going through. Fear and worry is a negative feedback mechanism designed to keep you safe and stay within your known parameters.

Take for instance the recent threat of Hurricane Lane. The last time I experienced a threat of this magnitude was back in 1982 with Hurricane ʻIwa. I was only nine years old at the time, and after doing some research discovered that this hurricane was a tropical storm that became a Category One hurricane. It created the most damage to the island of Kauaʻi, and since I was living on the south shore of Oʻahu, the damage wasn’t as bad. I was fortunate to be on the mainland, in college, when Hurricane ʻIniki hit the islands in 1992. This hurricane was classified as a Category Four, and created a lot more destruction to Kauaʻi than what happened 10 years earlier.

The state of Hawaiʻi was fortunate and blessed that Hurricane Lane lost its flurry and power, from a Category Five down to a puff of a tropical storm. The media did its best to warn everyone to not take Hurricane Lane lightly due to what Hurricane ʻIniki unleashed on the island of Kauaʻi. The hardest part of the whole ordeal was not knowing if or when Hurricane Lane would strike the islands. It’s interesting to note that everyone had a different reaction with the hurricane, ranging from fear, to anxiousness, heaviness, indifference, and even detached interest. How did you experience Hurricane Lane?

Reflect and take a look at how you experienced Hurricane Lane and how others reacted to the uncertainty of when and what would happen. Did you take the necessary precautions to be ready for a Category Five hurricane, or did you sense that it wasn’t going to hit us at all? Recognizing your truth is essential in dealing with stressors that impact you in your life. The discomfort of not knowing and how you deal with this uneasiness will ultimately determine the way you approach and experience your life. Even if you felt moments of worry and fear, be gentle with yourself and recognize that you were not alone in feeling this way. Being aware of your reaction is key, and moving forward from this point on is entirely up to you. Change is far from comfortable, but by embracing changes or unexpected situations, it builds your resilience to deal with increased stressful situations in the future. You have a choice, and knowing that, is necessary to bring more ease back into your life when things get chaotic or unpredictable.


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