Finding your inner spark begins with identifying your inner truth and authentic self.  Being able to establish your center and from that place of solidarity you can move confidently in the world. You are able to know what defines your inner essence and what is, and is not, you. Taking ownership of this essence is essential in being able to navigate your life and create the life you desire. One caveat to insure this from happening is not to compare yourself to others, and accept your uniqueness.

It all starts with the type and quality of questions you choose to ask yourself. If you don’t take the time to ask yourself, how will you ever know?

It may appear daunting at times to determine what is, or is not, important to you. Growing up, you are first imprinted by different authority figures such as your parents, teachers, mentors, and relatives. They do their best to help guide you, but many times end up attempting to live their unfulfilled dreams through you, or want you to follow in their footsteps, since they assume that they know better. It’s ultimately up to you as you grow and develop your own identity and sense of self, as sometimes what you deem as important does not align with their values. Hence creating conflict and challenges in connecting.

Start taking a look at your strengths and evaluating your weaknesses as well. What may be deemed as a weakness, usually has a hidden benefit and value. Learning to embrace areas of yourself that you perceive as weak helps you to take ownership of who you are and of your life. It is by taking ownership of the dark and unknown elements of you, that lead to wholeness and self-acceptance. For some individuals they have a hard time accepting their bodies, for others, lack of mental aptitude, and still yet others, the inability to make friends and be sociable. What we deem as deficits, sometimes becomes the driving force to help us develop and learn to own those parts of ourselves that we are afraid to acknowledge.

It takes courage and commitment to becoming whole and embracing your inner spark. Being able to delineate and differentiate who you are, and what has been conditioned is the challenge. Ultimately owning and knowing who you are is the prize. Recognize and acknowledge that it is your birthright to be a self-determined being with your own ideals, thoughts, and values. Embrace your inner spark and know that you are unique and special just as you are.


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