In Network Spinal Analysis, Dr. Chad allows your body to guide him to the areas in need of tension release and uses gentle, focused touches along the spine to release tension.  He helps to re-train the practice member’s body to release complex patterns of tension and areas of distortion at first. Over time, deeper tensions within the body unwind, and the practice member feels a greater sense of wellbeing on all levels.

In Network Care we believe that the body has amazing powers of self-healing, and we work to gently and effectively align with the body and the breath to assist the body in re-adjusting itself to release tension and promote healing.  Dr. Chad does not manipulate the spine, but teaches his practice members to become aware of the tension they store in their spine and body, which they can use at the appropriate time to restore balance and proper alignment.

Once a person becomes consciously aware of how their thoughts and emotions affect the tension or symptom that shows up in their body, they now have the unique opportunity to deal with that tension or symptom. It is about teaching a person to take greater responsibility of not only their health, but the way they live and perceive their life.

Level 1: Safety

“As the mind can heal the body, the body can heal the mind”

Through the course of Level 1 care you should notice a dramatic decrease in physical symptoms and an overall lessening of stress levels.

In Level 1 Care you may experience:

  • Changes in your breathing both during and between visits.
  • Changes in posture.
  • Both increase and decreases in discomfort and ease.
  • Changes in spinal musculature.
  • A greater awareness of the body’s natural rhythms and tendencies.

Cost After Initial Visit: $120.00/Wk for 2 or 3 Sessions/ Wk. 

Time: 15-20 Minute Sessions

Length: 8 Weeks 3 Sessions/Wk.


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