Following up with my January life letter, I am sharing old case studies of two other members from the first five years of my practice. They led me to understand the intimate connection between our mind, emotions, and our bodies. I also sprinkled some of my own personal experiences and awarenesses in, which through the years have prompted me to ask my members questions to help them discover that what goes on in their lives, could be at the root of their symptomatology and pains.

These are two cases I have never shared before. They came from many hours of recordings and transcriptions by my virtual assistant, Erin Ushijima Creative Assistance, to create my first book, Infinite Body Wisdom, along with some examples from my second book, Infinite Body Awareness. Hopefully, these two cases will help illustrate the importance of my February theme of setting clear intentions and what happens when you don’t.


Brittany had a conflict between what she selfishly wanted and what her religion dictated. She felt she had to act and be a certain way, otherwise her religion wouldn’t accept her. She was unhappy in her marriage and so when an ex-boyfriend contacted her out of the blue and wanted to meet, internal conflict ensued. She admitted she was still attracted to her ex-boyfriend, but at the same time, she was trying to suppress this urge. Based on her religious convictions, she was conflicted because she was married, and although her husband was a nice guy, she felt there was no longer a connection with him.

Due to this judgment and strictly held perspective, the mind body connection created so many health ailments – headaches, neck and shoulder pain, respiratory problems, pain in her feet, hands, chest, as well as anxiety. Most of her suffering stemmed from her own judgments of what she was doing or not doing and feeling guilty that she shouldn’t leave her husband even if in her perspective, he no longer brought anything of value. She would go to various medical doctors and they would give her different diagnoses, but after extensive testing and multiple medications, they didn’t have an answer for her.

Brittany just wanted to find out what was wrong with her, and the fact that experts couldn’t tell her the root cause of her symptoms made her feel more anxious and hopeless. It was apparent that western medicine wasn’t working and that is what led her to me. Brittany and other members dealing with similar types of situations, are what prompted me to start asking more questions to discover what was going on in a person’s life. What I realized over the years is what had to be determined was whether or not a person wanted to make a change. If not, they will suffer a little more until the suffering gets so big that they’re forced to make a change. It is at that point, where they have the perfect opportunity to change and focus on the true source of the pain in their life.


Louise took a break from care for half a year and recently returned for a reassessment. She was under the impression that she was done with level 2, but she wasn’t. The reason she stopped coming was because she was crying all the time, to the point that she didn’t even want to leave the house. She thought she had hypothyroidism or a hormone imbalance, but it turned out she didn’t. She disliked the fact of having no control over her emotions and would cry. She began to hate this behavior because she judged it as a “bad” thing.

Soon Louise experienced fatigue and because she felt afraid and embarrassed to cry in public, she didn’t go out. In order to help her bring some balance to her perspectives of crying, I asked her to list out how crying benefits her. This exercise is very difficult to do, because who wants to admit that a behavior or pain they dislike is actually benefiting them? It took me a while to understand this concept, but everything that we experience in our lives – the good and the bad – serves us in some shape or form. So, until she can balance her perspective of crying, she’ll keep on crying.

Louise also wants to stay young and hates the fact that she is getting older, however, if she continues to come in for adjustments, it will help her to stay young. Over the years, I have observed that what ages people is the weight of our life experiences that we carry. If we don’t learn to balance all the happy stuff that we think are so great, holding on to those old memories will age us. Same applies with all the negative stuff we still have resentment, feel screwed over, or abandoned. What ages us is the charge that is attached to our life experiences – good or bad.

Perceptions are so powerful, and until we can see that and balance our minds, we’re constantly going to be tortured by it. For example, a person might say something to someone, and that person may feel hurt by the comment. They don’t realize it is their perceived, failed expectations of the other person or situation that caused the hurt.  It all depends on how a person perceives things.

This is where setting clear intentions and knowing and feeling what is true and right for you helps to keep you balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Know that the power you have is to choose and decide which thoughts and emotions to entertain. Set intentions that bring you ease, happiness, and harmony.


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