• Wrapping Up 2023 Knowing Your Ikigai

    My last article for the Hawai’i Herald will be coming out on Friday, December 1st, at the same time as my monthly life letter. I wrote about these five Japanese p

  • This past October we experienced an unusual celestial occurrence – an annular solar eclipse and a partial lunar eclipse. This solar eclipse is also known as a “Ring of Fire.” It was seen on October 14th due t

  • A couple weeks ago, I went old school and had my mind body talk at my office (in person), exclusively, instead of on Zoom. Over the three years during the COVID pandemic, Zoom became a very useful platform that


    Besides the shock value of the recent devastating events in Lahaina town, there has been mismanagement by government officials and the glaring fact of lives, homes, and businesses lost. Along that vein,

  • The proverb, “curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back,” is very appropriate at this time. This proverb points to the idea if you are too curious or inquisitive it can be dangerous. If you

  • Stories were used to preserve and share moments of important experiences so future generations could learn, expand upon, and avoid repeating the same mistakes as their predecessors. Stories contain the power

  • In these confusing days of fake news, conspiracy theories, scientific research that is sponsored by big pharma, it’s vital and essential to question everything.  Even growing up, we were unwittingly co

  • I recently had an interesting conversation about healing, addressing weird health conditions, and why we are never taught about the basics of our human anatomy.  A huge percentage of the populace are content

  • Being forgetful has become more apparent and rampant in the last few years – blame it on stress, overwhelm, over-scheduling, or the usual scapegoat – getting old. Although it’s very convenient to blame ole’

  • When I first started on this article, I was focusing on questioning two contradictory ideas – like attracts like, or do opposites really attract? However, as I continued to write, the idea of self-care took

  • I write a column for the Hawai’i Herald for the month of February on aging. Over the years I’ve heard different perspectives on aging – some look forward to getting older, others dread it, and others feel

  • 2023 is here, and I’ve learned in 2022, that we are moving into a time where you have to make choices, some easy and some not so easy. We have been doing this COVID dance now for the past three years, and

  • We are entering the last 31 days of 2022, and whether it was a blast or a challenging one, it’s a good practice if you have never done this – reflect on your year and take stock of WTF happened… I’m not sur

  • Fall is here and unlike mainland America, we don’t have strong physical reminders of the shift in the seasons – drastic change in weather, temperature, and the changing color of leaves.  However, with Nove

  • “Not enoughness” – I know that’s not a real word, but it’s a condition created by mainstream media and perpetuated by the current social constructs.  Many in society have been brainwashed to feel this way,

  • I recently wrote an article for the Hawai`i Herald about the power of nature and how being outside helps your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state and overall well-being. I learned a thing or two

  • Usually cleaning occurs during springtime, but I have recently been tasked with the decluttering of my auntie’s house.  My family moved in with her back when I was nine years old, and fast forward nearly 40 ye

  • Why do we resist things such as making certain decisions, having a difficult conversation, or taking care of ourselves and putting “ME” first?  Mostly, it is due to the perception that we will disappoint or

  • According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the word integrity is:

    1.  Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.
    2.  The state of being unimpaired; soundness.
    3.  The quality or condition of

  • One of the strongest and maybe “the” strongest energetic bond is between a mother and son.  So it’s not surprising in the month of May we celebrate both Boy’s Day and Mother’s Day in Hawaii.

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